Book Friday
Friday 10 July

A day of free festivities, activities and performances, focused on
reading and storytelling for all key stages (picking up from the Hastings Thrives Sky Parade).

Supported by Hastings Opportunity Area and Hastings Storytelling Festival

What’s involved?

  • Book-Cart parade from Azure to Warrior Gardens
    • Schools compete/bid to create the book cart of their choice.
    • Each school builds a cart, pupils dress as characters from the book.
    • Following the parade, each school traverses across the stage in Warrior Gardens.
    • Prizes will be awarded against categories (e.g. best overall / best Key Stage / best interpretation of the book / best costume / etc).
    • Fully funded art workshops in schools beforehand (inc. materials) with Radiator Arts to create costumes and carts.
    • Schools can also bring their carts to the public festival parade on the Saturday (11 July).
  • Plus live storytelling marquee, school bands and school performances in Warrior Square Gardens.

Find out more / bid for your cart at the Teacher Meeting on Wednesday January 23rd.

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There are lots of other opportunities for schools to get involved in Hastings Storytelling Festival

Carnival parade costume making sessions with our Artist in Residence: Prepare costumes in school ready for Children’s storytelling Carnival Day Parade (October 25th 2020)

Live storytelling from our Storyteller in Residence in your school: Our Storyteller in Residence will come to your school and tell stories (subsidised by the festival)

Funded puppet show in your school: A fabulous puppet show will come to your school (subsidised by the festival)

Children’s Storytelling Festival Day and Parade: With over 600 children and 8 schools making banners and taking part

Teachers Network: Teachers from our school meet every quarter to help plan Hastings Storytelling Festival and how to bring it into their school

Get in touch or join the network: