Photo cropped from an image by Sebastiaan ter Burg

Who’s it for? National and international academics, storytellers and authors.

Event theme:  ‘Voices of Heritage’ – The importance of place-making stories in regeneration (focused on the White Rock area in Hastings).

Story development: Creating, rehearsing and presenting new stories.

Networking and engagement: Direct engagement between academic and storytelling delegates.

Support and development: Focused, expert support to develop and tell stories around the ‘Heart of Hastings’ narrative.

Academic papers: Current research, development and challenges in storytelling.

Talks and presentations: Seminars/ presentations from academics and storytellers.

Intensive CPD (for eight storytellers):

  • Develop stories and perform them to perambulating local audiences
  • Stories will be recorded and lodged with local libraries, museums, online and in print
  • Get feedback from other participants

Storyteller accreditation: What would a workable accreditation programme look like?